Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016 To Hell with The Bell - Photos from the Event

Retirees attending the 2016 To Hell with The Bell

 Left to right: Don Standing, Laurie Mitchell, David Osborn, and Diane Williams

Eva Hilborn (Lifetime Member)

The PQRTA Executive for 2016/2017 From left to right:

Ellen Coates (Treasurer)

Kay Howard (Past-President)

Marg Hoverman (Secretary)

Cathy Van Herwaarden (President)

Laurel Johannson (Membership)

Elaine Young (Programs)

Colleen Craig (Sunshine)

Sharon Cox-Gustavson (Heritage)

Lucinda Hendren (Vice-President)

Missing:  Val Dyer (Communication)

Betty Harrower (Lifetime Member)