Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Programme Assistant(s) for 2010-11 PQRTA General Meetings

The PQRTA is looking for an enthusiastic helper or two for the Programme Committee Chairperson for the coming year. To date, the 2010-11 venues and speakers for the PQRTA General Meetings fhave either been booked or are in process of being done.

The Programme Assistant's job would be to support and lend a helping hand to the Programme Committee Chairperson in the organizing of the programme leading up to, during and after a geneal meeting.

If you are interested in taking on this supportive role for the PQRTA, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Catherine Hudson at

Wishing you continued enjoyment of this lovely Spring weather!

Valerie Dyer
2009-10 PQRTA President

Notice of PQRTA 2010 Annual General Meeting and BBQ

Mark it on your calendar and plan to attend!

Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 (rain or shine)
Time: 11:30 to 4:00 p.m.
Place: Rotary Park, Highway 19A, Qualicum Beach
Cost: $18.00 per person, payable at the door.

Meat: Steak or Chicken
Salads: Potato, Bean, Cole Slaw, Asian
Meat: Chicken or Steak
Drinks: Coffee/Tea/Non-alcoholic punch
Dessert: Cookies,Cheeses/grapes

**Please note that you will need to bring the following:

Cutlery (knife, fork spoon)

Please advise Valerie Dyer at 250-752-8824 or at, before Monday, May 31, that you plan to attend the meeting and whether you prefer steak or chicken at the BBQ .

**Please note that you may not receive an immediate confirmation of receipt of your intention to attend the meeting and BBQ, as I shall be back and forth to the mainland, with visiting family, for the last two weeks of May.

Just a gentle reminder:

PQRTA Policies and Procedures:

3.1.1: Notification of Attendance:

PQRTA members must contact the Programme Chairpersons no later than one (1) week before a PQRTA meeting to advise that they would like to attend and/or bring a guest to the meeting.

3.1.2 Member's Liability to Pay for an Event:

a) Once having indicated his or her intention to attend a PQRTA event, a member becomes liable to pay the announced cost of participation in that event, whether or not he or she actually attends. Failure to pay will render the member "not in good standing" until the debt is paid, and he or she may be denied access to future PQRTA events.

b) In the case of a member's defaulting guest(s), the guest(s) may be denied further access to PQRTA functions.

c) A member (or guest) is relieved of the obligation to pay if he or she notifies the PQRTA of a change in plans not less than 5 days prior to the event.

d) If at least two out of the President, Vice-President and Treasurer agree that circumstances warrant (such as bereavement or sudden medical emergency), a debt may be waived on compassionate grounds.